10 Fun Facts about Garlic

1. Prevent blood clots.
2. Help with toothaches.
3. Boost immune system.
4. Lower cholesterol.
5. Lower blood pressure.
6. Relieve headaches.
7. Lower blood sugar levels.
8. Help prevent cancer.
9. Natural antibiotic.
10. Reduces fat in the liver.

Did you know?
Garlic does not only keep vampires away but mosquitos too.

10 Fun Facts about Carrots

1. Improves Eyes.
2. Helps prevents heart disease.
3. Boost immune system.
4. Promotes dental health.
5. Reduces high blood pressure.
6. Reduces risk of cancer and strokes.
7. Improve digestion.
8. Improve liver function.
9. Improve muscle health.
10. Healthy skin and anti-aging.

Did you know?
Carrots is more nutritious when we eat them cooked than raw. The heating process releases 40% more beta-carotene.

The body converts beta-carotene into Vitamin A which is great for our skin, eyes, mucus membranes and immune system.