10 Fun Facts about Coconut Flour

1. ¼ cup = 120 calories.
2. Low in sugar.
3. Very high in fibre (about 75%).
4. Helps the body absorb a wide array of minerals.
5. Gluten free.
6. Hypoallergenic.
7. Boost metabolism.
8. Does not disrupt blood sugar level.
9. High in protein.
10. Vegan and paleo friendly.

Did you know?

The protein and fats in coconut flour will reduce the glycemic load of baked goods containing a sugar.

8 Fun Facts about Almond Flour

1. 1 cup = 90 almonds.
2. ¼ cup = 160 calories.
3. ¼ cup = 40% of recommended Vitamin E intake.
4. Gluten free & high in fibre.
5. Qualifies as a heart-healthy food.
6. Can replace regular flour at one-to-one ratio.
7. Is very low in carbs.
8. Is high in calcium and protein.

Did you know?

There is a difference between almond flour and almond meal.

Almond flour is made from blanched almonds and finely grounded, while almond meal is ground from almonds with their skin still on.

Both can still be used in baking but if you are looking for a lighter texture it is recommended to use the almond flour.