My name is Rozaan, I am from South Africa and I love strawberries.

I discovered my love for creating recipes about 2 – 3 years ago when I got fed up with making the same boring meals from processed, frozen, canned, and pre-packaged foods. Foods that have almost no expiry dates.

Even though I always exercised, it was never effective because I still used to eat these crappy, fatty, salty, oily, and sugary foods. Meals that have no nutrition in them and are high in calories, so to speak.

This was when I decided to start buying fresh foods and I began to experiment with my own taste buds, and soon I discovered that making my own meals from scratch wasn’t as hard as it looked.

Combining healthier eating habits and daily exercise allowed my excess weight to start dropping off and I realized I finally found the key ingredient to a happier and healthier life. And that is “Balance”.

To me, balance is a lifestyle and not a diet.

I believe in balance and don’t deny myself from having anything. However, I do choose what I eat and how much I eat carefully. It is all about moderation.

I have a sweet tooth and have treats almost every day but I do prefer making my own because, in this way, I get to control the ingredients and the quantities I use. I get to choose healthier, more nutritious and less calorie-loaded options.

My motto? ” Staying healthy one day at a time”.

I have learned a lot on my journey so far and I’m not done yet!

Yes, I’m a home cook with no background in cooking or baking, food styling or photography. I’m also not a dietitian or nutritionist. So, with that said, what you see is all me and that is what you’ll get.
I’m not here to preach, but perhaps teach that any home cook can be a chef in their own kitchen.

I welcome you to my pantry and I hope that you will enjoy my recipes.

Ps. I dedicate this blog to all my fitness friends from all around the world (all of you know who you are), who have inspired and supported me from the start.
Without them this blog would probably not exist and they have been patiently waiting and encouraging me to share what I have learned to love… The passion for creating new and exciting recipes that are nutritious and delicious!

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