This chart is some of my favourite Gluten Free flours and are ranked from healthy to not so healthy.

(Please note the Spelt flour is not gluten free, I only added it because I do use it often in my recipes)

Flour per 1/4 Cup Calories NET Carbs Protein Fibre
* Flax Meal 120 0g 3g 4g
* Almond 160 3g 6g 3g
* Soy 80 4g 14g 6g
* Coconut 120 6g 4g 10g
* Chickpea 110 13g 6g 5g
* Buckwheat 100 17g 4g 4g
* Spelt (Not Gluten Free) 120 18g 4g 4g
* Oats 160 22g 7g 4g
* Sorghum 120 22g 4g 3g
* Tapioca 100 26g 0g 0g
* Brown Rice 140 29g 3g 2g
* White Rice 150 31g 2g 1g
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