10 Fun Facts about Strawberries

1. Promote weight loss. 
2. Low in calories.
3. High in fiber.
4. 1 Serving is = to 50g of vitamin C.
5. Boost immunity.
6. Helps with whitening your teeth.
7. Improve eye sight.
8. Decrease inflammation in the body.
9. Reduces cholesterol.
10. Prevent cardiovascular disease.

Did you know?
You get a white strawberry called a "Pineberry" and it taste like pineapple.

10 Fun Facts about Apples

1. Balance blood sugar levels.
2. Reduces cholesterol.
3. The skin is high in fiber.
4. Good source of vitamin C.
5. Boost immunity.
6. Helps with teeth whitening.
7. Boost brain power.
8. Prevents heart disease.
9. Reduces the risk of diabetics.
10. Reducing the risk of a stroke.

Did you know?
Apple seeds could be toxic if consumed in high dosages and should be avoided by pregnant or  breastfeeding woman and children. You can substitute apple sauce for butter, oil and eggs


10 Facts Fun about Tomatoes

1. Prevents gallstones.
2. Prevents urinary tract infection.
3. Lowers cholesterol.
4. Prevents cancer.
5. Boost immunity.
6. Anti-inflammatory.
7. Balance blood sugar levels.
8. Improves vision.
9. High in Vitamin C.
10. Very low in calories.

Did you know?

Tomatoes is actually a fruit.