15 Fun Facts about Eggs

1. 1 x 50g egg = 80 calories.
2. Very good source of a high-quality protein.
3. Good source of Vitamin D.
4. Improves liver function.
5. Contains a big amount of cholesterol, but this does not increase one’s risk of heart disease.
6. Gluten-free.
7. Rich in Omega-3.
8. Good source of energy.
9. Promotes brain health.
10. Rich in antioxidants.
11. Promotes weight-loss.
12. Promote better sleep.
13. Promotes healthy eyes.
14. Contains no carbohydrates.
15. Promotes healthy hair and nails..

 Did you know?

You can test the freshness of an egg by placing it in a glass of water.
A fresh egg will sink, indicating the yolk inside is healthy, while an old egg will float.

7 Fun Facts about Whey Protein Powder

1. High in good quality protein.
2. Promotes fat loss.
3. Helps reduce feelings of hunger.
4. Helps manage stress.
5. Helps prevent certain types of cancers.
6. Helps improve immunity.
7. Helps build muscle.

Did you know?

Various baby formulas contain whey protein.