8 Fun Facts about Almonds

1. Helps with sugar and carbohydrate absorption.
2. Rich in Vitamin E, and as a result can be refrigerated for up to two years.
3. Good cholesterol regulators.
4. There are about 30 different varieties of almonds, but only 10 of those undergo production.
5. Good for your skin due to high level of Vitamin E.
6. Helps prevent cardiovascular disease & diabetes.
7. Almonds contain 90% unsaturated fat, so one doesn’t have to worry about getting fat when eating almonds.
8. When eaten in mid-morning, almonds help regulate blood sugar throughout the day.

Did you know?

Like strawberries, almonds are part of the rose family, and are often referred to as “the queen of the rose family.”

10 Fun Facts about Peanuts

1. Peanuts are actually a type of legume, not a nut.
2. 1 Jar of peanut butter = approx. 500 peanuts.
3. 1 Tbsp. Peanut butter = 94 calories
4. High in protein.
5. Cholesterol-free.
6. Gluten free.
7. Regulates blood sugar.
8. Boost memory.
9. Reduces the risk of cancer.
10. Increase the sperm count in men.

Did you know?

If you are introduced to peanuts at an early age, you are less likely to develop a peanut allergy.