10 Fun Facts about Parsley

1. Reduce gas and constipation.
2. Boost immunity.
3. Helps with treating bad breath.
4. Helps prevent bladder infections.
5. Anti-inflammatory.
6. Rich in antioxidants.
7. Has anti-cancer properties.
8. Improves kidney health.
9. Improves bone health.
10. Aids in managing diabetes.


Did you know?

The Italian parsley has a sweeter taste than the curly kind, also most of the parsleys flavour lies within the stem.

10 Fun Facts about Cinnamon

1. Regulates blood sugar levels.
2. Lower cholesterol.
3. Treats bad breath.
4. Improves blood circulation.
5. Relieves menstruation cramps.
6. Fights cancer.
7. Protects against heart disease.
8. Boost memory.
9. Fights yeast infections.
10. Helps prevent blood clots.

Did you know?

There are 2 kinds of cinnamon, Cassia and Ceylon.

  • Cassia is your most common cinnamon and is what most people uses from day to day. However Cassia cinnamon can be toxic if used in high quantities. Cassia contains much more coumarin than Ceylon, which can be very dangerous.
  • Ceylon cinnamon is milder in taste but is safe to use in high quantities.