Comparison Chart


(This list  is set up from calories and carbs – each has it’s pros and cons)

Per teaspoon Calories Carbs Pros Cons
Erythritol 0 Almost no carbs * Does not raise blood sugar * Can cause side effects such as diarrhea, headache, and stomachache when used in big quantities in some people
* Diabetic friendly
Stevia 0-1 per 1g 0.5g per 1g * Doesn’t affect blood sugar levels

* Diabetic friendly

* Not much to find on stevia
Xylitol 10 4g * Fighting tooth decay * Consuming too much xylitol could lead to gas, bloating and diarrhea
* Diabetic friendly * Very dangerous to dogs
Coconut Sugar 15 4g * Has a lower glycemic index than regular table sugar * Very high in fructose
White Sugar 15 4.2g * Not any benefits * It’s the most chemically processed and refined of all the sugars
Brown Sugar 17 3.1g * Not any benefits * After white sugar it list second of the most chemically processed and refined of all the sugars
Maple Syrup 17 4.3g * Pure 100% Maple syrup has health benefits to it * It still contains sugar which is not good for you
* It helps maintain a healthy heart and boost immune system, to name a few * It can be very expensive
Honey 21 6g * Has plenty of health benefits such as: * Contains fructose
* Preventing cancer and regulates blood sugar levels to name a few * Raw honey can be harmful for infants under the age of 12 months because it might contains botulism spores
Agave Syrup 21 5g * Because it taste very sweet you could use less than the amount of honey you would use * Could cause insulin resistance over time when used in high quantities
* Doesn’t have much nutritional value to it